Lollitec uses a range of quality software and hardware; for hardware we have a dust-free clean room, air shower, temperature and humidity controller, motor speed controller, high-powered microscope, hard drive head replacement tools and other precision tools for open-case hard drive recovery operations; we also have self innovated copying tools, which when combined with the powerful PC3000, guarantees a high chance to image a damaged hard disk; the numerous extra parts accumulated from years of work has also greatly increase our efficiency! Lollitec also has a team of expert engineers proficient at hardware and logical-related errors, who are constantly improving and have create over a hundred data recovery tools, which they own the intellectual property rights for, allowing our company to maintain a unique technological edge and the ability to keep up with current technology.

If your hard disk is emitting strange noises, please cut power to your hard disk immediately to avoid further damage, and contact us swiftly for consultation.

If you find that the hard disk’s read and write speed is slow or unstable, please refrain from using the hard disk anymore to avoid further damage to the read head

If you need to open up the hard disk to recover the data, you are strongly advised to choose a reliable service company with the proper skills and equipment.

Data recovery comprises mainly of two types:Logical Errors and Hardware Errors.