Lollitec provides reliable and reasonably-priced data recovery services, allowing our customers to retrieve important data.

For Logical errors and faults, Lollitec uses recovery software. For hardware problems, Lollitec conducts recovery operations in a dust-free clean room.Our experienced engineers use a range of professional tools and equipment, as well as self-innovated software to designed to help recovery our clients’ data.

Data Confidentiality

Lollitec regards clients’ data confidentiality with utmost importance. Lollitec offers clients a confidentiality agreement, ensuring data will not be leaked to a third party. After clients retrieve their recovered data, Lollitec will retain a copy of the data for seven days, in case the client loses the data again. After seven days all copies of the data will be completely destroyed.

Service Pricing

Lollitec provides consulting services*, including:

  • No charge for unsuccessful recoveries
  • An examination & handling fee will be charged. This is waived if we are unable to recover any data.

*The above services are limited to Hong Kong clients; overseas clients may require additional shipping costs.

Pricing Standards

The cost of the recovery is determined by the type of the damage to the hardware, and the capacity of the media. Lollitec has an online price quoting system; customers can input data regarding the damaged media, and we will provide a preliminary quote within a short time.

Important: In the case where a client decides to cancel a service after the recovery process as commenced, the client may be required to supply an inspection fee.