Logical errors are usually treated with software-based data recovery. Since logical error caused data loss is usually cased by accidental formatting, partitioning error, copying error, accidental deletion, virus infection, hacking, power cuts…etc, the recovery operation does not involve hardware maintenance or parts replacement.

  • Unable to start up operating system
  • Unable to read files
  • Unable to access file
  • Loss of files
  • Loss of partitions
  • Loss Garbled display

In fact, the cause of logical error related data loss is very complicated, every incident has its own set of symptoms. Under most circumstances, as long as the data has not been completely overwritten, chances of recovery are quite high.

Logical Error

Accidental Formatting
After a system crash, user forgets that a hard drive (usually the C drive) still has important data, and formats the hard drive to reinstall the operating system, or formats the wrong drive when reinstalling.
Accidental Deletion
Loss of files due to incorrect system operation; for these kinds of errors, the recovery rate is very high. Even if other operations were performed after the incorrect operation, there is still hope to recovery the data.
Partitioning Error / Copying Error
When using software like Partition Magic or Ghost, due to incorrect operation of the software by the user can lead to data loss; for these errors, our engineers can manually adjust the data to restore the partitions and data to its original state; most other data recovery companies can only use software to attempt recovery, which usually produces unsatisfactory results. (For example, many files and folders may end up inaccessible or produce garbled text when opened)
Virus Attack
Recovery rate of data destroyed by a virus attack is very high, viruses have many ways to destroy data: 1 - Altering the hard drive’s partition table, causing loss of partitions 2 - File deletion, mainly targeting word, excel, jpg, mpg…etc files. 3 - 3) Changing entire folders to kilobyte sized files, which cannot be opened.
File Corruption
Most file corruptions are related to virus removal by antivirus software, infected files sometimes become inaccessible after virus removal. Other causes of file corruption include installing certain software, running certain programs, or being hacked. Lollitec can recovery these files returning access to your data. Against virus-related data loss, Lollitec has a very high rate of recovery.