Hardware errors usually mean malfunction of the hard drive head, motor, errors in the PCB or chipset, and physical bad sectors on the hard drive (also known as bad sectors).

The most complicated hardware errors are damage to the hard drive head or motor, in these cases our engineers will open the case of the hard drive in a clean room to recovery the data. Requirements to both the engineer and tools used for data recovery performed while the case of the hard drive is opened are very strict.

Hardware Errors

Hard drive head / Motor damage
Hard drive head / motor damage is when the hard drive has power and emits strange noises or system reported bad tracks (say one of the hard drive heads is damaged, you will not able to access the sectors it is responsible for). Under these circumstances, our engineers will need to open the hard drive case in a clean room, data recovery performed while the case of the hard drive is open have requirements to the engineer and tools used, it is also the most tricky hardware error to handle.
Errors in the PCB or chipset
This means that a part of the circuit of the chipset of the hard drive has severed connection or short circuited, or certain components or IC chips have been damaged, causing the hard drive to not operate properly when powered up.
Physical Bad Sectors (bad sectors)
Bad sectors cannot be read by the hard drive head, preventing normal operations of the hard drive. Extended use of or incorrect operation of a hard drive are causes of bad sectors, decreased operation speed of a hard drive, slow loading of operating system, or frequent system crashes, inability to copy certain failes, are usually signs that you may have bad sectors. Against bad sectors, we use hard drive duplicators as well as self innovated software to image the data, duplicating the data to a new disk, and then fix the logical structure in the new disk to achieve the result of data recovery. Bad sectors in track zero can also be repaired with the above method, but will require more time, additionally, hard drive capacity and amount of bad sectors will also affect the rate of recovery.